Campsea Ash Auction Rooms

Auction in progress, classic auction patter

The livestock and game auctions at Campsea Ashe bring out a whole much of characters, full of good old Suffolk boys with strong accents. And a few loud cocks too

Loud cocks


Southwold Footbridge Ripples

Windy recording of the ripples lapping at the mudbanks by the Southwold Footbridge

It was a seriously windy day, good for ripples but not so good for the recording.

Under The Pier show soundmark

Tim Hunkin’s madcap creations at the Under the Pier show at Southwold have their own soundmarks, but this rhythmic squeak from the animated sign is the one that most reminds me of this attraction.

Southwold Under the Pier show

A Vee of Geese overflying Southwold Pier at dusk

I was recording the waves at Southwold pier as darkness started to fall. The air was still enough to give it a go without being taken down by the sea winds.

Suddenly, in the distance I hear the sound of geese, and a massive vee of geese pass overhead, possibly a hundred birds in all