Enquiring Ear

Rode NT 2000 microphoneSound – is all around us. In that sound there are messages.  Some have an aesthetic of their own. There are some sounds that capture a  moment, and others that capture an era.

Sound has always fascinated me, from getting hold of my Dad’s old Grundig reel to reel recorder, then getting my EL3302 first portable cassette recorder. Sadly I don’t have any of that – I’d love to still have recordings of my childhood, when there were still sparrows in London for instance. The sounds of university, also lost. On the upside it’s never been easier to record sound in the field – SD card recorders are small, silent and relatively cheap.

It is a curious twist of fate that as the technology for field  recording becomes more accessible, better performance and easier to use,  the world becomes more noisy. Noise is unwanted sound – from traffic,  from airplanes, from cellphones, from people, from dogs. Of course, what  is noise to some is sound to others