A Vee of Geese overflying Southwold Pier at dusk

I was recording the waves at Southwold pier as darkness started to fall. The air was still enough to give it a go without being taken down by the sea winds.

Suddenly, in the distance I hear the sound of geese, and a massive vee of geese pass overhead, possibly a hundred birds in all

Christchurch Park Mistle Thrush

In Christchurch Park in the centre of Ipswich near the Mansion, there was this mistle thrush giving off the football rattle sound, a welcome piece of wildlife in the town centre on a freezing day. Somehow the city sounds in the background give him some edge, even though it’s hardly a classic species recording.

The sudden boost at the end is the bird diving off to take up some issue with a bird in a yew in the graveyard

Nightjar on Blaxhall Heath

Nightjar on Blaxhall heath
Nightjar on Blaxhall heath

The mating call of the nightjar is a very strange churring sound, usually made around dusk, hence the ropey photo. The sound is eerie, as most other birds have stopped by the time this call is made. The claps are wingbeats.

Sparrows Chirping In The Rain

One of about twelve sparrows I saw, sounds like there were many more in the flock.
One of about twelve sparrows I saw, sounds like there were many more in the flock.


1 min continuous chirping

There’s something about rain that brings out the chirp in sparrows. I counted 12 of them, but the sound of this lot in the ivy and elder bushes sounds like a lot more. Why do sparrows all get up a chirp when it rains?

recorded from Maplin electret inserts on tree at 44.1kHz PCM  to a PC via mic preamp. High-pass filtered from 440Hz at 12dB/octave to reduce traffic noise