Market Trader Selling Bananas

This guy had chutzpah. setting up with a few boxes of bananas and the aim of flogging them all in a day. He delivered his patter with gusto



Poundland Ipswich opening fun day

Poundland have taken over the old Woolworth’s store in Ipswich at the end of Spetember, and held a Family Fun Day today. I hven’t worked out what the family fun was meant to be apart from getting people to throng to buy poorly made tools, tat and thneeds but it certainly caused a massive queue so at least Mr Poundland was having a fun day.

A long queue snaked past the tills, the hubbub was really quite remarkable. I don’t recall seeing this many people in Woolies.

Poundland Fun day hubbub

Poundland Fun Day queues
Poundland Fun Day queues

Some more rich pickings from the 6th Oct, the Halloween displays are in full swing, and a minute of classy comments 🙂 A bunch of teenage girls are looking to spice up their costumes, one teenage boy charges his mate with looking like a woman in that, and a lady desperately trying to get someone of a mobile phone to erase her messages, all in the space of a minute.

Poundland comments

Southwold Pier

I’ve came across this post describing how to go about street recording. I had never really thought about the process before, so it was very hit and miss for me. Sometimes I would get good results, sometimes not so good. Des’s idea of creating a sound map of the area before recording is inspiring.

In some ways it is common sense – in tackling anything it is good to have an idea of what you are trying to do. Just as a photographer frames his picture, the orientation and location of a recording is part of framing the experience, it is not enough simply to point a mic in the geenral direction of the sound.

Sound does not have the frame of a photograph, and most field recording rigs take a wide-angle perspective if they were a camera. So getting in close matters. On a trip to Southwold Pier I figured I would try out the new technique.

Sound walk through the amusements arcade

This is a short walk past a lot of the noisy amusements. The attention-grabbing “Hey, let’s shoot hoops” from the first attraction is so American for what is a quintessentially English resort!

The second is a recording from one place, in the building with the Tim Hunkin artworks/attractions. I did try and get the sea churning to give it some perspective, and the start of the fly attraction “You are a Fly” gives it a discrete start.

Tim Hunkin attractions on Southwold Pier

This one doesn’t quite get the balance between sea and the attraction right, but I am getting a feel for what the sound map can do for me.

Lowestoft Wind Generator

Ness Point windmill, from the mic position
Ness Point windmill, from the mic position

Windmill in 15mph wind 1 min 10s

Some subjects you know are going to be a challenge. A wind generator, not surprisingly, needs wind and this was recorded in a 15-17mph northeasterly wind. That’s not the sort of weather made for easy sound recording!

This recording was taken about 100m from the generator at Lowestoft. The sound probably impacts about 500m away at this location next to the sea. This generator is sensitively sited in a really ugly industrial part of town next to a gasometer, and is visually reasonably well shielded from the town.

A gull turned up later and made a nice counterpoint to the blades

recorded 19 Feb 2006