Harassing hounds

This pair holler at everybody walking down the footpath by the side of the house. At least there’s a tall wooden fence at the front so they don’t go off at people walking on the main road. The dogs seem to be triggered by sight rather than sound. There’s a little growl on the in-breath that gives me a feeling of aggression behind the yap.

Unusually for a soundmark, they are reactive to a listener’s presence.


Osiligi Maasai Warriors at Glastonbury Fair Field

This weekend Glastonbury hosted the Osiligi Maasai Warriors, a performing group from the Kenyan Maasai community of Olepolos.

They performed at the Glastonbury Fair Field on a lovely sunny day, where the public had been invited for a picnic at 3:30 – here is their remarkable performance

Osiligi Maasai Warriors at Glastonbury Fair Field

x-y recording with a Tascam DR-22

Chalice Well, Glastonbury

This is the sound of the flow inside the well-house at Chalice Well. Two springs rise in this area – the Chalice Well and gardens are home to the chalybeate Red Spring, rising from a deep underground source with little variation in flow or temperature over the years and seasons. Only a few tens of yards away is the White Spring, which rises from theg round closer to the surface. There is a definite tone to the flow – the well-head has a pentagonal chamber underneath it and the resonance of this makes a peaceful steady sound.

From a field recordist’s point of view life is made more difficult by the A361 carrying HGVs down Chilkwell Street, but the wellhead is far enough away and loud enough that this doesn’t impair the recording.