Cat Fight

I had a loop recorder running for a while, and this cat fight turned up. It’s a sound I associate with balmy summer nights rather than October usually.


Women singing in Ferihegy 1



Women singing at Ferihegy

No, I don’t know why they broke into song here. However, the old Ferihegy 1 airport terminal has an air of faded grace that the more modern Ferihegy 2 just doesn’t. That is a soulless modern airport building. This is a marble-panelled cavernous space that clearly inspired this lot to sing.

Lowestoft Wind Generator

Ness Point windmill, from the mic position
Ness Point windmill, from the mic position

Windmill in 15mph wind 1 min 10s

Some subjects you know are going to be a challenge. A wind generator, not surprisingly, needs wind and this was recorded in a 15-17mph northeasterly wind. That’s not the sort of weather made for easy sound recording!

This recording was taken about 100m from the generator at Lowestoft. The sound probably impacts about 500m away at this location next to the sea. This generator is sensitively sited in a really ugly industrial part of town next to a gasometer, and is visually reasonably well shielded from the town.

A gull turned up later and made a nice counterpoint to the blades

recorded 19 Feb 2006