New Year 2012 Felixstowe Ship Horns

Even in Ipswich you get to hear the boat horns sounding on New Year’s day, so this time I went to Shotley Peninsula, between the large container port at Felixstowe and another port at Harwich to record the ship horns sounding the New Year in.

A nice touch was the Shotley residents have a sense of timing. Unlike in Ipswich, where people start releasing fireworks all the time as soon as it gets dark, in Shotley (and Felixstowe and Harwich by the looks of it) they wait for the New Year. In the foreground are the sounds of some Shotley residents celebrating at the pub, but it is the ship foghorns that make this for me.

Note the fireworks are quite loud after the horns 🙂

3 thoughts on “New Year 2012 Felixstowe Ship Horns”

    1. Thanks! It was helped by the fact I expected the ship horns to be stupendously loud, whereas they were nowhere as loud as I’d anticipated. That left headroom room for the fireworks to run into.

      Hapy New year and good recording!


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