Nightjar on Blaxhall Heath

Nightjar on Blaxhall heath
Nightjar on Blaxhall heath

The mating call of the nightjar is a very strange churring sound, usually made around dusk, hence the ropey photo. The sound is eerie, as most other birds have stopped by the time this call is made. The claps are wingbeats.

3 thoughts on “Nightjar on Blaxhall Heath”

  1. I love your birdsong recordings and have noticed you had tagged them in audioboo to appear on the uk sound map. Would love it if you would like to tag them with twitchr also – I have made an interactive birdsong map with Ed Holroyd – and we’d love to have some uploads from suffolk.
    Take a look here –
    shorter recordings work better with how the map plays.


  2. Richard
    Have just found your blog. Excellent stuff. Especially like the bridge. And the whole thing looks really good too. Hope all’s well with you.


  3. This is such a great recording.
    Any chance I could use it in some materials I’m putting together for Suffolk schools?


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